Corrosion Research

Multiphase flow corrosion

Quantitative assessment of the corrosion rate of metallic materials exposed to a known multiphase flow using fluid mechanics. The corrosion kinetics of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys will be studied in the presence of multiphase fluids and the stability of the system will be implemented with the help of numerical simulation for the multiphase regime and corrosion kinetics studies.
Signal control, acquisition and conditioning software will be used, numerical simulation for multiphase regime studies and corrosion kinetics will be performed and the profile of multiphase flow speed in permanent regime will be studied. Also, the segregation and mixture of the multiphase components will be assessed.

Stress Corrosion

 This research line aims to assess the behavior of metallic materials subjected to tensile stresses in the presence of an aggressive environment (for example chlorides, H2S and CO2), a phenomenon known as stress corrosion.  Pressurized and induced vibration tests will be carried out. Cladded pressure vessels will be designed for pressurized tests up to 200 bar and 200ºC.