The LNDC conception proposal was created in 2001 for Petrobras, creating a laboratory dedicated to the oil and gas areas. The main innovative feature of the proposal was to gather knowledge from different areas of the Graduate Program in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (PEMM), conducting research and development in welding, non-destructive testing, corrosion and fracture mechanics in one building with shared infrastructure, where researchers work in an integrated way. Thus, the LNDC challenges paradigms that divide knowledge into areas.

 The first financial contribution for the construction of the LNDC occurred in 2005 and the inauguration took place in 2010, with the presence of the President of the Republic.

LNDC's facilities include laboratories, offices, classrooms, meeting rooms, foyer, mechanical workshop, high-temperature and pressure test bays, refectory, 75-person auditorium, H2S-containing wastewater treatment plant, and other common area.


Main Building

Our Research

The LNDC research involves constant investigations of the selection and suitability of materials from various segments, especially offshore. The force of our research lies in the breadth and depth of the experimental, computational, and statistical approaches we use to understand the mechanisms and phenomena involved at both the micro and macro scales.

We aim to bring together several areas of knowledge in just one place. The areas of corrosion, non-destructive testing, welding and fracture mechanics all converge on LNDC's largest mission to act in an interdisciplinary manner in order to propose solutions to the major problems facing the oil industry.

Metal Pipe 2


We work with several possibilities of corrosion tests, involving the following test areas:


  • Immersion/Weight Loss

  • Eletrochemicals

  • Electrochemicals with rotary electrode

  • Looping

By means of these tests, uniform corrosion rate, pitting growth and the corrosion mechanisms are experimentally determined by our team.

Contact Us

Av. Pedro Calmon, s/n - Cidade Universitária - Ilha do Fundão, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 21941-596, Brazil      +55 21 3938-8536